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OFS makes learning possible.

Orchard Friends is a small, K-12 private special education school in Riverton, New Jersey. We teach students who struggle to learn in other educational environments. We also offer transitional resources for 18-21 year olds through our college and vocational prep programs.

When others close their doors, we open ours. We let families know they are welcome and wanted. That at Orchard Friends, their child will be seen and treated as a valued person, not a problem.

We offer an entirely different model for education that has worked for students across a diverse spectrum of strengths, challenges, ages, and personal and academic goals. Untethered from state-dictated curriculum, we have the freedom to prioritize what’s truly important for and beneficial to each student and to develop fully individualized learning plans that fit those goals.

We believe that enabling learning and empowering learners means seeing each student as unique–and adjusting our goals, our approach in the classroom, and the resources we provide to meet each student’s specific needs.

Ultimately, we strive to make learning possible; to set students up for success; to rebuild self-esteem and a sense of self-efficacy; and to give them the tools to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally—at Orchard Friends, and wherever life takes them next.